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Where Inner Beauty Meets Confidence and Intelligence

Empowering Young Women
Through Education and Intelligence

When founder Shaundrea T. Peck witnessed the lack of self-confidence plaguing many young students in her community, she made it her mission to change that. Afterall, self-doubt severely limits a child’s potential.

Shaundrea established Envisaged Pursuit in 2022 to guide youth in overcoming self-limiting beliefs through celebrating their inner beauty and intellectual gifts. Envisaged Pursuit, meaning “provides” in Italian, offers the tools to unlock every child’s destiny.

Through interactive workshops, motivational speeches, and our signature competition, Envisaged Pursuit is impacting youth in Charlotte and beyond. Our program equip young women with the confidence, college scholarships, and character to thrive.

Envisaged Pursuit, Inc.


Our goal is to nurture confident driven young leaders to create positive change in the world.

Envisaged Pursuit, Inc.

Inner Beauty

We teach our youth to recognize their self-worth, which goes deeper than outer appearances.

Envisaged Pursuit, Inc.


Intelligence pairs best with integrity. We exhibit leadership, sportsmanship, and respect.

Envisaged Pursuit, Inc.

Unlock Potential

We enable these young women to pursue their talents and life’s purpose.

Contestants are encouraged to be authentic, confident, and genuine to themselves. This empowerment helps them develop a positive self-image and confidence that will serve them well throughout their lives. The Miss Prodigious Empowerment Competition is a celebration of womanhood and women’s achievements. It aims to inspire young women to pursue their dreams, break stereotypes, and achieve greatness.

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of dreams and the power of education.

The pageant without superficial objectives

A Personal Growth Journey

Our Miss Prodigious Empowerment Competition strives to give young women from age 17 to 25 the chance to further their education and develop skills that will help them throughout their college experience and beyond, regardless of their financial background.

Join us as we equip youth to discover their self-worth, share their talents with the world, and fund their academic dreams - that’s the essence of true beauty.

While most competitons for young women focus on physical appearance and popularity, Envisaged Pursuit competition celebrate the inner qualities that truly matter. We: 
Now accepting applicants for Miss Prodigious, 2025

Our Competition

This prestigious event will take place on July 19th 2025 and promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The Miss Prodigious Empowerment Competition is unlike any other competition. It serves as a platform for young women between the ages of 17-25 to showcase their intelligence, confidence, and inner beauty.

The competition is designed to provide a nurturing and empowering environment for young women to grow and develop their potential. Each contestant is required to go through a rigorous screening process, where they are assessed on their academic achievements, leadership abilities, and social contributions.

The contestants are groomed by industry professionals to prepare them for life’s stage. They receive training in poise, etiquette, interviewing, and presentation skills, to ensure they are at their best on stage. They are also encouraged to engage in community service projects to hone their leadership and social skills as these are essential for success in both their academic and professional lives.

Moreover, the competition provides a platform for the contestants to network and build relationships with industry professionals. This exposure provides them with opportunities for internships, mentorships, and job placements. The competition also offers them a platform to raise awareness for social causes they are passionate about.

The winner of the competition will receive a college scholarship that will enable them to pursue their educational aspirations and guide them toward a successful future.

The winner of the competition will receive a college scholarship that will enable them to pursue their educational aspirations and guide them toward a successful future.

Are you a young woman looking to broaden your horizons and open a world of possibilities for yourself and your future? Are you interested in the opportunity to fund your future through a scholarship or other prizes? If you are between the ages of 17 and 25 and meet our requirements, complete the short application on our “Become a Contestant” page to receive an information packet concerning the details of scholarship prizes, dues, deadlines, wardrobe, and more.

Shaping The Future

We are so much more than a non-profit that hosts competitions. We offer many layers of depth that many people never know or experience. The Miss Prodigious Empowerment Competition offers a variety of benefits:

  1. Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders
  2. Making College Accessible
  3. Winner receives a $10,000 College Scholarship

“ Our mission is to nurture confident, compassionate, and driven young leaders who will create positive change in the world.”

Envisaged Pursuit, Inc.




“ Contestants form bonds of friendship and mutual support that last beyond the competition. We’re building compassionate leaders driven to lift each other up”

Envisaged Pursuit



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