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Written by J.J. Williams

The moment where your childhood ways are brushed away and adulthood starts to simmer in. College, however, is a very important implement in one’s life. College isn’t about the freedom, the parties, and the overindulging in alcoholic beverages, although a shot every now and then is rather ample at times. Compare college to the life of a caterpillar. You start off slowly learning to walk, and as you walk, you are learning more and more as the days go by. As you proceed to grow, you realize there are times before you go into the cocoon, and there comes a time where you will have to break away from that cocoon, sprout as a butterfly, and soar through the world as an individual.

Your college studies is also important. As college students, we know that there are unnecessary hurdles that make us want to rethink why we are even wasting our time with education if we have to learn other implements just to even get a glimpse at our main goal. However, that is another important lesson to take from college that will play into our everyday lives, patience. Which brings me to my most salient topic, the importance of how college prepares you not just for your study field, but the world around you. In college, you have opportunities to interact with the public, partaking in community service and programs to give you and whatever individuals are around you a chance to cooperate and see things differently in a worldly manner. Now sure, debt does play into college. However, completing colleging and pursuing your dream career will not only take care of the debts you may need to recompense, but will also provide you with a more comfortable and steady-like way of living. There’s a reason why our elders tell us to “stay in school.”

Overall, college is a very important asset to many people all over the world. It’s the best way for plastering the road for your future. Knowledge isn’t cheap, but it’ll be worth the price when you start seeing beneficial results occurring for the near future.

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